September 8

Tissue in Cup

In 4/5 Stone, we are learning about Gas, Solids and Liquids. On the 5th of September, everyone done an experiment  with a tissue in a cup. You needed a tissue, a cup and a bucket filled with water.

First, you need to push the tissue down to the bottom of the cup (try to make it as flat as you can)

Second, push the cup in the water, make sure the edges of the cup hit the surface at the same time.

Third, pull the cup out of the water and the tissue will be dry!



June 16

The Leaf

A leaf sat all alone on a branch,

In the beautiful sunset,

Swaying in the soft wind,

Getting ready to fall but not quite yet.

Here comes the wind,

Getting stronger by the second,

I don’t want to leave my home,

The wind is to powerful I let go.

I lay on the ground,

I must not forget my home,

Somewhere up above is my family,

Waiting to float down with me.

This is a Narrative poem.

March 21

Writing a Narrative

In a Narrative you need an orientation. An orientation is the start of the story. In the orientation you need to include, who’s in it, where they are and when it is.

The next part of a narrative is called a complication. A complication is the middle of the story and in it you need to have 3 problems. The last problem needs to be the worst problem, so something really bad happening to the characters.

The last part is called the resolution. A resolution is the last part of the narrative and in it you need to include how the problems get solved.

There are lots of different types of narratives. There’s, Drama, Sci-fi, Romance, Adventure, Comedy ect.

If you have the orientation, complication and resolution then you have completed a narrative. Make sure you add detail. Detail is really important in narratives.

March 18

Anti-Bullying Day

Today is Anti-Bullying day. In class we have been learning about what bullying is and making paper hands to represent Anti-Bullying.

I promise for Anti-Bullying day, that I will stick up for people being bullied. If you are being bullied you can come to me and I will help you. Its not nice to bully. So if you are bullying someone you need to stop.

March 16


On the 15/3/2016 we went sailing at Lake Eppalock.  It was only the 3-6’s who went, the prep-2’s stayed at school. We met the staff first and got told about what we would be doing and where everything is.

Then we all got split up into 3 groups. We done the activities next. My group got told about what’s on a boat and what they are called. We also got to do 2 word search’s that was really easy. We had a quick snack next.

The next activity was sailing. We had to find life jackets that fit us first. We had to get a partner. Then we got split into 4 teams, so we can do a race. My team came first. We done another race after that,but we didn’t get to finish it. It was really fun. We had our lunch and got dressed into some dry clothes.

Then we had to play some games. We played captain says first. Its just like simon says, but you say captain says. The next game we played was octopus tiggy. It was really fun, but I kept tripping. After we finished playing that game we played get the bacon. The bacon was just a ball in the middle. We split into 2 teams first. Then the teachers came and told us what number we were. I was number 13. When they called out my number, I ran to the other side and back. Then I ran to the middle and grabbed the ball and ran back to my side. It was a really fun game.

After that we packed up all of our stuff and got on the bus back to school. When we got back to school we had 20 minutes until the bell went.

It was an AWESOME day!

March 7

Capture       We had our Swimming Carnival on the 3/3/2016. I didn’t have fun because I couldn’t go swimming, so it was really boring for me. Everyone else had lots of fun.